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Energy Healing
Spiritual Coaching
Crystal Light Bed
House Clearings
Pet Energy Sessions
Essential Oils
Herbal Therapy
Sound Healing
Sexuality Coaching
Shamanic Practices

We all have Sacred Wings

Energy Healing:

We will work together as I empower you to reclaim your body, mind and spirit. After a short discussion exploring your needs, I will facilitate your release through Energy work and additional therapies, specific to your body and energy. I will guide the balance of incoming information to achieve a more grounded journey to your Purpose and Path.

Techniques used include:

  • Energy Clearing/Alignment, Hands on Light healing, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing and Decoupling

  • Shamanic Release Techniques, Trauma Release, Grounding, Channeling, Medical Intuitive Work

  • Sound Healing and Herbal Therapies

  • Spiritual Counseling and Guidance

  • Crystal Light Chromotherapy bed

  • And more.... What you need is also channeled through!


  • $333 Full Immersive session (Usually averages around 2hrs ) - Very in depth and the best way to address the root of situations, traumas, blocks and releasing what no longer serves you.  This includes time under the crystal light bed, a pre-consultation and post session followup on phone or video chat. This session is for deep work both  emotional, spiritual, physical injuries and long term trauma and first time sessions.       I also have experience working with altheletes, musicians and enterainers on emotional/performance blocks and managing a public life.

  • $225  Shorter session (Usually averages around 1 hour- ish).  A clearing & processing session. This includes time under the crystal light bed. Must do a Full Immersion session is a prerequisite first if you are a first time client.

  • Youth sessions available! Special pricing upon request and consultation. 

Note: Distance Healing available, as well as Travel Sessions or out of town clients- contact Jenell for info and rates.

​(Sliding fees available when needed, as well as Barter & Trade).  Free 15 min consult call avail for first timers.

Sacred Wings Expansion Package

****All Inclusive One on One Intensive packages avail. Must apply for this sacred container. 3 month min commitment required. Email or text me for info and application. Perfect if you are looking for a deeper experience and more access to me and my abilities.


Remote Spiritual Healing: 

Work with me remotely, through a phone call or video chat, as we continue your healing journey through spiritual guidance and coaching. Similar to an Energy Healing session, I will use techniques specially catered to your needs. I will guide you with tools you can also use on your own to further your journey. Free 15 min connect call avail for first timers.



  • $175 per session ( 60 min, done by video chat​)


Couples Sessions (Regular or Sacred Sexuality sessions)

Use movement, breath work, sound, meditation, communication and other modalities to connect deeper with yourself & your Sacred Sensual essence.

It's a great way to expand connection!  Other possible topics: Conscious Kink, Tantra, Semen Retention, Cosmic Orgasms.

2hr Session

3month packages available  

Message for application and rates

Sacred Ceremonies with Ancient Plant Medicine

Private 1 on 1 or small group sessions available. 

Inquire  for more info.

Women's, Men's , or  Combo Ceremony Circles

Full moon, Sister Circles, Bachlorette, Baby Shower, Birthday, etc.   Structured and intuited to exactly what you and your guests are calling in. Inquire for  info.

Crystal Light Bed:

I am so excited to share with you my new wonderful tool, The Crystal Light bed!

It is a type of modern Chroma therapy system. It consists of 7 well-polished crystals

(Vogel crystals) cut for a specific vibration to aid in healing. You will lay on the bed as

the different colored lights flash over the 7 main energy centers, also known as Chakras.

Each Chakra is located down the center of the body, and correlates with physical, mental and emotional feelings. When a Chakra is blocked or needs to be cleared, this can manifest in feelings of sluggishness, lack of energy, mental and emotional distress, as well as other dysfunctions. Clearing of the Chakras leads to clarity within the mind and body, and an easier flow of energy throughout the body, leading to regeneration. 


The therapeutic effects of the crystal healing are a result of the vibration of the crystals that resonate, like water does, with our cells and tissues. The sick cells receive this healing vibration and gradually, repeating the treatment, will increase you overall physical and mental health.

*This is a great option for anyone needing a tune up between Energy sessions, or for new clients wanting to get a feel for the process.  


  • Single session: $77 for a 40 min session

  • Single session: $111 for a 60 min session

Save $ with Packages!!

  • Package 1:    5 sessions 40 min each- $333 (Regularly $385, saving $10 per session)

  • Package 2:   10 sessions 40 min each - $646  (Regularly $777 saving $15 per session)

  • Package 3:   5 sessions 60 min each -  $505    (Regularly $555 saving $10 per session)

  • Package 4:   10 sessions 60 min each -  $919   (Regularly $1111 saving $19 per session) 

The crystal bed session is beneficial for rejuvenating, purifying & balancing the body’s energy.

House Clearings and Blessings:

Does the energy in your house feel uneasy or crowded? Do you feel the need to cleanse your living space of negativity or bad energy? A sacred clearing of your home may be just what you need. I will start by having a conversation with you where you will give me your visions and manifestations for your space

I come to your home with all the tools needed for your specific space, thoroughly working through each and every part of your home to rid your space of unwanted energy. You will receive a video blessing of your home to keep and use on your own, as well as a house warming gift basket. A check in and follow up phone call will be had once you are settled back into your home. 


  • $150 per 1,000 square feet plus travel fee (Time frame will vary based on house size)  

Pet Energy Sessions:

Animals are very receptive to Energy work and can have large shifts in just a session or two.  On-going treatments help with stress, ailments and over well-being.  Sessions can be done in person at Jenell’s healing office, in your home (travel fees apply) or remotely via video chat . I will use touch, energy release and balancing, crystals (when needed, depending on pets receptiveness, essential oils, Crystal Light therapy bed (for sessions in office) and sound therapy.  I am also an intuitive and channeler, so often messages from or about your pet will be given. 

Just like people, even healthy pets can have occasional physical, emotional and mental imbalances that, if left untreated, can manifest as illness. Periodic treatments can help maintain your pet’s natural state of well-being and balance. This is a great option for pets going through cancer treatments, recovery following surgery, animals with behavioral issues and overall anxiety and separation issues.

No animal too big or small!


  • $125 (Approximately 60 min. Travel fees apply when applicable.)

*For further information, general questions and multi service package deals, please contact me directly.

Please Note: 

Jenell Renee is not an M.D. or licensed medical professional. She does not diagnose or treat medical conditions and does not consult or advise about such conditions. Energy healing and vibrational therapies are performed as practices to relieve stress and to clear and balance the body’s energy fields. While these practices can enhance and strengthen the healing process at all levels, they are not a substitute for appropriate medical care. The Consultations and Energy sessions  are for suggestions and for educational purposes only and does not constitute as medical advice. It is the responsibility of each individual to seek and utilize a physician’s care and advice for medical conditions. 

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