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"I am open to the infinite possibility of my authentic happiness."

-Jenell Renee


Jenell Renee is a Celebrity Spiritual Mentor, Sacred Sensuality Coach, Tantrica, Intuitive, Herbalist, & Holistic Health Consultant. She grew up on a Dairy farm on the east coast, which fostered her love for plants and the outdoors. She has studied plants and their medicinal values for over 15 years.


After self-healing and completely reversing a genetic autoimmune disease, Anakylosing Spondilitis, Jenell founded Sacred Wings with the passion for helping others. Sacred Wings is a Holistic Health paradigm. Jenell is well versed in the Auto-immune Protocol, and as an Energy Release worker, schooled in the arts of many different Shamanic ways, Energy work & Release, Meditation, Breathwork, Tantra, Sacred Sexuality and so much more! Jenell has worked in the entertainment and music industry for decades, and loves working with those in the industry.

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Energy Healing

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Join me as I empower you to take control of your body, mind, and spirit. Reclaim your power through various energy techniques to release what no longer serves you

Spiritual Coaching

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Work with me remotely, through video chat, as we continue your journey of healing through spiritual guidance and coaching

Crystal Light Bed

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Need an extra tune up? For deep and effective emotional alignment in 40 or 60 min sessions, lay under the crystal light bed for a one of a kind experience, and keep yourself on the path to healing 

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Jenell is intuitive and she truly listens. This enables her to track to the root cause of things; a rare quality that makes her work fundamentally different from those more interested in handing out remedies than directing the work towards each individuals' needs. She is a gem!

-Kelley, Santa Rosa, CA

Jenell took the time to get a big picture of my overall health before zeroing in on my specific concern. Her intuitive ability to pinpoint what was going on is AMAZING. Our energy sessions are powerful and effective.

-Jeena, Iowa

Personally, Jenell has helped me and many of the friends that I have sent her way through her powerful healing talents. Over the years she has become my go to guru for all things health related as well as for spiritual growth. There is literally no one that I trust more. She has helped me find the right herbs, oil‘s, foods and crystals to assist in my own self care. And the transformations have been real and powerful. 

I have a 10-year-old dog named Boomer. He is the love of my life but unfortunately he comes with a myriad of health issues. I have tried everything! Doctors, specialist, medication, Accupuncture, etc. But the most relief I have ever seen in him yet was after his first session with Jenell. Typically he is very high strung animal and especially so when he’s in a new environment. But when I walked him into Jenell’s Space he very quickly calmed down and I couldn’t believe that he laid himself in the middle of the crystals. As soon as she put her hands on him, he was immediately at peace. She was able to communicate a little bit for him and that really got the waterworks going :-) Who doesn’t want to talk to their animal! She sent me home with some homework and suggestions for his health and my husband and I both witnessed a huge shift. I just brought him back for a second session and he surrendered to the goodness even more quickly this time! It absolutely melts my heart to see him in such beautiful hands. I honestly can’t recommend the experience highly enough! 

-Danielle, California

My energy sessions with Jenell have been so powerful!! She uses so many fascinating techniques to clear the things that are stuck deeply and are not serving your best self. She also helps by teaching you things that you can do on your own in the middle of the day to cope with whatever is bothering you. She offers so much knowledge about an endless amount of topics, listens deeply, and offers NO judgment. She honesty helps me find my own way and is always there when I need help between sessions. There is trust beyond measure and respect that can't be matched. Her products are of great quality as well. I wear her earrings all of the time and they still look the same. She puts her heart into her work and it shows!


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